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Heaven knows everything


Guys, this video has been deleted from the page, but I outreach to download. because this is just simply wonderful. Enjoy again =)



[BF meme] → [3/4] Looks: Leather jacket

"Most rockers start with the leather moto jacket and then, as they get some years behind them, switch to the suit. Brandon Flowers went the other way. And we couldn’t agree with this decision more. A classic, time tested rock ‘n’ roll staple. " [x] FIXED

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Brandon Flowers at Benicassim 2013 [video]

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flamingo flowers

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what if Brandon do his beyoncé style and release his new album randomly in some store in Flamingo Road? i mean he literally has 8 finished songs yet he didn’t any interview or something, not even a countdown for something, nothing, i wouldn’t be surprise, i would be surprise in the moment, but then i was i knew it, that is my boy.

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Credit: Hang Cralley

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